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Myth 6: No hot dogs either? Myth 7: Pregnant women should keep away from polished furniture. So false.

10 pregnancy myths

Bohn once treated a woman who was nervous about sitting on her couch, because of the furniture polish fumes. Myth 8: Dying your hair is harmful for Baby. Wrong again. Damn, I fell for that one too. True , actually. You should avoid saunas, Jacuzzis or anything that raises your body temperature over degrees.

Myth You should abstain from alcohol during pregnancy. True , with a question mark.

2. You can't dye your hair

The American College of Obstetricians, along with all other American health authorities, advise women to stay on the wagon, but at least one big British study recently suggested that two drinks a week during pregnancy might not do harm. Too Good to Be True? Myth Pregnant women should sleep on their left side.

Fact or Fiction?: Babies Exposed to Classical Music End Up Smarter

Just get whatever sleep you can. The mommy docs also say the myth about expectant moms avoiding back-sleeping is rubbish. Myth Walking makes labor go faster. Also false, as is the old cod liver-oil myth.

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Myth Pregnant women should eat for two. A Stanford study tracked the media's coverage of Rauscher's study relative to other studies published in Nature around the same period. In the U.

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Some still argue for such musical powers. Referencing French physician Alfred Tomatis's work in music therapy on children with dyslexia , attention-deficit disorders and autism in the midth century, he believes music that's not highly emotional or overly rhythmic has a multilayered influence on the individual, from modulating mood to alleviating stress.

He notes that the improvement could simply be a result of the natural variability a person experiences between two test sittings. Earlier this year, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany published a second review study from a cross-disciplinary team of musically inclined scientists who declared the phenomenon nonexistent.

Rather than passively listening to music, Rauscher advocates putting an instrument into the hands of a youngster to raise intelligence. She cites a University of California, Los Angeles, study that found, among 25, students, those who had spent time involved in a musical pursuit tested higher on SATs and reading proficiency exams than those with no instruction in music.

Chabris says the real danger isn't in this questionable marketing, but in parents shirking roles they are evolutionarily meant to serve.

Pregnancy Myths Exposed - CBS News

That is the key to a truly intelligent child, not the symphonies of a long-dead Austrian composer. You have free article s left. Already a subscriber? Sign in. See Subscription Options.