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The title combines those of two of Welles' movies: Chimes at Midnight and The Other Side of the Wind , the latter of which was left uncompleted at Welles' death in Welles also appeared as a minor character in Dracula Cha Cha Cha. A collection of short stories the last of which is set in the Anno Dracula universe. It was published on the 1st of February The events in the final story of the collection are repeated in the novel One Thousand Monsters. The fifth instalment in the series, set in Tokyo. A ship of vampires, led by Genevieve Dieudonne, Captain Kostaki, Sergeant Dravot and Princess Christina Light, are exiled from England, seek refuge in Japan, and are trapped in Yokai Town, a ghetto where Tokyo's vampires are kept out of sight and out of mind.

Written in , this novella was the first work in the series. It was later expanded into the novel Anno Dracula. Published in the anthology Dracula in London , this story features an untold tale of Dracula's deeds during the events of the original novel. Although it is not technically an Anno Dracula story, as it occurs before the events of Anno Dracula diverge from those in Dracula , it may still be considered as an adjunct to the series. In the story, Dracula visits the manufacturers of one of the earliest automobiles.

There, the elders are seeking to elect a new "King of the Cats" to replace Dracula. Set in the Swinging London of Kate Reed, in her capacity as an associate member of the Diogenes Club, investigates a series of murders apparently committed by a vampire and targeting living women. The killings fan the flame of anti-vampire hatred, already at a dangerous level due to Enoch Powell 's recent Rivers of Blood speech which, in this timeline, is not a metaphorical title. According to an interview on May 16, , the rights to an Anno Dracula movie have been optioned, and Newman has written a script, but "I don't know if there's much movement on it Over the years, I've had a few comics people say they'd be interested and even an occasional game nibble, but no one has ever come up with a solid deal.

It is set in , towards the end of Dracula's rule in Great Britain. Newman's series presents vampires as more or less natural beings, passing on a biological change through the sharing of blood. Just a touch. Newman's series brings together characters from a large number of legends and fictional works that portray the vampires in many different ways. He tries to explain this in part through the concept of "bloodline", in which particular vampiric traits are passed on from vampire to vampire. A characteristic of Dracula's bloodline is shape-shifting, however because becoming a vampire isn't automatically like Dracula, many vampires experience partal shape-shifting and die because of that.

However an interesting sidenote is that to "create" a new bloodline you have to be bitten by many different vampires during your mortal life then when you die as a mortal you resurrect as a new type of vampire, such as a shape-shifting vampire. This is how Dracula became a vampire in the novels, and this explains why his power over shape-shifting is in his complete control, unlike other vampires in his bloodline.

Lord Ruthven , the British prime minister , says of Dracula:. There's grave-mould in his bloodline, Godalming. That's the sickness he spreads. Think yourself lucky that you are of my bloodline. It's pure. We may not turn into bats and wolves, my son-in-darkness, but we don't rot on the bone, either, or lose our minds in a homicidal frenzy. Some vampires have an aversion to crucifixes, holy water and the like, but Newman portrays this a superstition; vampires without such "silly ideas" show no ill effects from religious symbols.

However, silver is deadly to all of Newman's vampires. One trait that vampires share is an almost instantaneous healing ability. Jekyll says in Anno Dracula. Silver has a counteractive effect on this process. Jekyll also says that "any major breach of the vital organs seems to produce true death," explaining why a stake through the heart is an effective tactic.

Sunlight is also dangerous to vampires, particularly to the "new-born"—those recently turned into undead. For vampire "elders", those with years or centuries of experience, sunshine may be tolerable though still strength-sapping. There is no firm agreement on what makes a vampire an elder; a rough consensus was outlasting one's natural lifetime followed by another lifetime, or two centuries. Newman's vampires do need to drink blood for sustenance, though the taking of blood need not be fatal and is often voluntary. However, if the blood has a disease, or is dead blood it can make any vampire sick.

Indeed, several characters in Anno Dracula are vampiric prostitutes who service "warm" men in exchange for coin or, preferably, quaffs of their blood. Animal blood is also used by vampires as a second-rate substitute for human blood. As Tom Ripley muses:. In his ignorance, Tom had thought the dead needed blood to survive the way the living needed water. It wasn't true. Warm blood could be like dope, or alcohol, or sex, or espresso, or sugar. Anything from a desperate addiction to a mild weakness.

This caused a division in the clan, with those who wished to worship God or wanted to stay the fuck away from Ur-Shulgi made their way to sects such as Camarilla and Sabbat, or becoming Autarkis, their sorcerers giving no small trouble to Tremere. Drawing on both the Lost Boys and Buffy tradition of scumbag vampires and a more romantic, Byronic tradition in freedom through wanton depravity. The Brujah are thugs, anarchists, revolutionaries, and other downtrodden, or people who were so inclined before they got the power to do all they dreamed about.

Carthage was originally a grand, mostly-successful social experiment of theirs for a human-vampire Eden, then the Ventrue either crushed it out of jealousy or led a series of regretfully unavoidable wars to cleanse both Carthage and the Brujah themselves of Baali infestation, which already made Carthage hell on earth.

The old Brujah were scholastic thinkers with powers to punch the shit out if you and would be considered intellectuals. Just don't tell them Carthage was no utopia but infested by Baali so much even other entities like mages took notice. The new Brujah are like those punk teenagers who wear Che Guevara t-shirts but have no idea about the politics or reality of Marxism, except they can also beat you to death with your own car when they want to shut you down when you start winning the argument.

Generally considered rabble by others, they form the backbone and the majority in the Anarch movement. Did some major shit in history with Carthage, and haven't do shit since. Sure, they managed to carve out California and some adjacent territory as the Anarch Free State, where no Camarilla or Sabbat could tread easily. Then the Kuei-Jin decided to roll into town like a motherfucker, and the Free State got mangled pretty bad.

The complete opposite of getting shit done. One of their subclans, an African Legacy, need a controlling hand or authority of sorts in a city or they resort to indulging in activities like rape and murder. This clan's mainstream belief is that Set was the progenitor of all Kindred, which is fucking stupid, but then again considering the other theories some have postulated for why vampirism exists, it's not THAT bad a theory and hey, there are actual, honest to Ra mummies kicking around the WoD, so it has some legs.

The most popular and well-known legend goes like this. Straight from the revised clanbook, here it is. In the ancient times when the gods lived on Earth and ruled Egypt directly, the sun-god Ra grew old and decided to retire. Ra chose his great-grandson Osiris as his heir and successor. Our progenitor was the mightiest warrior among the gods. Every night he guarded the sun-barque as it passed under the Earth from the gates of sunset to the gates of dawn. Every night he battled Apep, the Great Serpent of Darkness, so that the sun might rise again.

Did his valor count for nothing? All the gods tried the coffin in vain. Then Osiris took his turn. Osiris drowned. Patiently, Isis gathered the fragments, reassembled the body of Osiris and used her magic to conceive a child by her dead husband. When their child Horus grew to manhood, he challenged Set for the kingship of the gods. Some legends speak of mighty battles between gods and armies. Other tales describe their strife as a farcical court case, full of low tricks and silly contests.

One way or another, Horus prevailed. Horus lost an eye in their strife; in revenge, he castrated Set. Osiris, meanwhile, became King of the Dead just as his son became King of the Living; and the Pharaonic dynasties henceforth claimed to rule by descent from Horus the Avenger. When the other gods acclaimed Horus as their new king, Ra turned on his faithful defender and cursed Set to live in darkness forever. Then the gods thrust Set into Duat, the dark Underworld of the dead, and the river of death whose waters come from the Primeval Ocean itself.

Here Set fought the great serpent Apep once more. He slew the Worm of Darkness and ate its heart. When Ra created the world, he gave it life through his own semen, creating gods and the souls of human beings alike. Souls differed in size but not in kind. Jealous Ra lied to all his children. He told them that he was mightiest of all things, creator of the universe, when he merely shaped a tiny portion of the Primeval Waters.

Now, however, Set knew the truth: All souls could grow as mighty as their tyrant father and become creators themselves. Set returned to the world by stealth. The Primeval Waters carry life as well as death. Every year, the gates of the world open to let the Primeval Waters bring new life through the yearly inundation of the Nile. Set disguised himself as a water-serpent and slipped through the gates with the rushing waters.

He swore to overthrow Ra — not for revenge but for compassion, to liberate the souls Ra held in bondage. Despite the power gained from Apep, Set still had to hide from the sun; he could not break the curse of Ra. Nor did he truly live, for he had tasted the waters of death. As he walked the night, however, Set found twelve human disciples to hear his message of rebellion against the tyranny of the gods. The disciples swore to follow Set.

Set even granted them equal shares in his own divine power. They too would become gods. As the last disciple drank, however, the company of the great gods appeared. Now Set learned what flawed vessels humans were. His twelve disciples wailed at the curse and begged for mercy, saying that Set misled them.

Their betrayal outraged Set. He always did have a short temper. He swore that if they would not help him fight the gods, after all he had given them, he would destroy them as well, though it take him a million years! And so, from the curses of Ra and the power of Apep, Set and his twelve disciples became the first vampires. In time they learned to pass their curse and their power to other mortals, becoming the founders of the thirteen clans. Set remained the greatest of the thirteen, for he had been a true god and the source of the power wielded by his treacherous disciples.

The others never forgave their benefactor for witnessing their treachery and their cowardice. The childer of the other First Vampires schemed against their sires. They taught their childer to hate and fear Set and his clan; they invented fables to hide how they themselves became vampires. Very very insidious, they spread corruption throughout decaying slums of the poor, and decadent halls of the rich. Their tongues exist merely to spread lies, to ensnare and entrap their victims This is all part of their grand design, and worship to their gods that's right, while some cults only worship Setite Antediluvian in whatever form it takes, some also worship other gods alongside him, e.

People Practiced Anti-Vampire Rituals in Bulgaria Until Three Decades Ago

Cult of Typhon Trimegistus, but their patron is always their founder , for when all is miserable, their Antediluvian will come back, and according to their belief, will grant them freedom. Planning to reawaken their Antediluvian, which is also a big no no, one doubly so for the Sabbat, because superstition is that when the Fathers awaken, they will slake their thirst with the blood of all their Childer.

Basically, nobody likes them for being strange snake-fapping weirdo cultists trying to bring about the apocalypse. Since they are by habit and blood people involved in vice and corruption, they tend to get in trouble at some point with the law, mortal and immortal. They exist in the form of cults, worshipping various gods who they believe as the masks of the Antediluvian that once called himself Set to the Egyptians, such as Typhon, Mars, Bacchus, Pluton, Apep, Shiva, Jormungandr, Loki, Tezcalipoca, Echidna and much, much more.

Some of his childer has names like Wepwawet and Tawaret, which some would recognise as other Egyptian gods. Sadly, this clan was handled very poorly during Gehenna, which is a shame, because there is so much that you can do with those guys. They are criminally underrated vampire versions of Word Bearers. Want to talk to that bird who saw something? Go ahead. Summon wolves to tear some dude's jugular? Knock yourself out. Doesn't sound like much, but animals normally hate and fear Kindred, because they can sense they are undead monstrosities, except Gangrel.

Chillaxing with your dudes is pretty neat, especially when they warn you and fight for you. Despite living in the wilderness frequently but also cities, after all, it's an urban jungle , right? These guys are like the other version of Nature, the one that features a cute baby seal pup being torn in half by two killer whales fighting over the meat.

Though they can be hippy types too, so don't let that stop you if you want to roll a hippy vampire, but remember that only neonates prefer to become hippies, because their elders were the barbarians that despoiled myriad civilizations like Sumer, Egypt, and Rome through the countless millenias. Those elders were the Mongols, they were the Gauls, they were the Norsemen, they were the Huns, and so on. The Migration Period was heaven for them, for those elders wanted to ravage civilization ever since the concept appeared. The curse of Gangrel is, they eventually become furries, either to their delight, or to their despair.

Unlike popular belief, in modern nights, every six Gangrel out of ten live by the code of HFY , while the other four, generally antitribu, enjoy becoming furries. Ironically, the best scholar in modern nights is also a Gangrel named Beckett who literally experiments with himself like running under sunlight to see how he fits in nature and hypothesizes on vampirism such as being a relict evolutionary offshoot of humanity in form of a predatory species.

They are bitter eternal enemies of the Ravnos clan for several reasons. Disregarding all the myths aside that came before this event regarding their progenitors, one of those reasons was the poaching of Rroma tribes, and another one, is this event: a Lithuanian Gangrel elder named Intam, found something that might have cured all vampires from their curse, something that could have reverted them back to mortals.

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It might have been successful actually, or not. This was important for Gangrel, as they, with quite a lot of exceptions, despised their animalistic features, because these features caused their humanity to usually degenerate quicker than a normal vampire, and eventually become the thralls of the Beast. Some Ravnos assholes overheard it, and decided to stop this elder, because Ravnos glorify their undead state, and despise anyone who wants to return to mortality or transcend their undead nature.

As you can guess, they killed Intam. Gangrel Antitribu are, as you might expect, even less attuned to their humanity, animals in all but name really. Gangrels have also a shitload of bloodlines due to inherent mutability of their vitae. One of them makes their homes underwater, and they look like the residents of Innsmouth. They have a mutual respect with the Nosferatu, due to the fact that both of the clans are inherently monstrous. Some legends of the Gangrel and Nosferatu say Ennoia and Absimilard often hunted together. Except unlike Absimilard, Ennoia doesn't hate her descendants explicitly, she just doesn't care anymore.

Spagetti and Corpses, boss. The Italian Vampire Mafia. No, we're not kidding. Probably the second wealthiest clan, bar the Ventrue, with Lasombra and Toreador following behind. And that's just the tip of this delectable iceberg. Dealing in vice, corruption, and trafficking with souls. Literally a family as well as a bloodline, it's the only Clan that exclusively Embraces within the same mortal family. Puts up a prim and proper appearance to the public, and to other Vampires.

They take a lot of mortal traditions from the ages very seriously still being originally a merchant family from Venice. They are even serious about their Catholicism and going to church on Sunday - so on top of everything else being gay, an atheist or worst of all Protestant are all good ways to get on their shitlist. Of course, there is a reason they're notorious among the Kindred: at that church, there's real blood in the cup, and an orgy among the pews in between litanies about and prayers to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Yup, they're all incestuous bitches. And it only goes downhill from there. Necrophilia and bestiality are a perfectly accepted pastime within the family. Kissing cousins is the rule. And no, the entire family is not Embraced, just in case you thought there was an out. They're so messed up that by the time one may actually get selected for the Embrace, the horrors of vampire life are no real biggie.

It's like your most perverted hentai come to unlife. As you can imagine, this doesn't at all help their dealings with the outside world, and they have to be careful not to give anyone the impression otherwise. Nobody likes them for being shit-for-brains bullies: they pretty much are fucked in social interactions where they don't have the equivalent to a gun at someone's head, and being founded by a notoriously-depraved Diablerist doesn't do them any favors.

Now, to their credit, they DID broaden the gene pool a bit, by incorporating certain families into their own. But of course, they're anything but normal. Or would you prefer her to come from the Scottish cannibal banker family? As for their TRUE resource, it's not money, but souls. The dead. They take both tracks - they deal with the spirit world "I got youse, you fucking ghost, and now youse gonna to tell me everything! Also not a Founding Clan, they stole their vampirism from a cooler clan the Cappadocians, a Clan of humane and charitable vampire necromancer monks back in the medieval ages and then proceeded to wipe it out.

And to suggest they missed a few is heresy. That's not to say you would be wrong Also trying to end the world by collapsing the human world into the spirit world so that they can lord over the endless darkness of the Long Night forever and promptly blew up the whole clan when a gate to the Underworld formed. In summary, the words of the Nosferatu and the Ventrue describe them the best: "Down in the sewers we see a lot of shit, but never so much as when a Giovanni heads our way. Those creepy fucks started as ancient era pirates under the leadership of the Antediluvian Laza-Omri-Bara, and have always been drawn to the endless, dark oceans.

They plagued Egyptians as Hyksos, Romans as well One of the few 'aristocratic' clans in the Sabbat, and thus eternal rivals to the Ventrue. It's an obsession to such an extent that some people whisper the Lasombra only took charge in the Sabbat because the Ventrue ran the Camarilla. Had more power back in the Dark Ages, but still a threat today.

The rivalry goes back a long time - Lasombra sought out power positions in the Church and they still do have members in there, and all Sabbat titles are derived from the Catholic hierarchy , Ventrue sought out positions in the king's court. When Ventrue held power in the kingdoms and duchies, Lasombra sought power in the republics and bishoprics. Where Ventrue sought out the Army, Lasombra joined the Navy. Or both. Point being, they are parallels in many respects. That's not to say they are merely cynical users of their power - indeed, the infiltration into both the Catholic Church and the Caliphate came to a head during the Reconquista, with the clan splitting down religious lines though interestingly, the Arabian Lasombra are still mostly Christian and refuse to convert, and no one wants to risk making them, and Lasombra Muslim Ashirra are not Sabbat monsters, but benevolent Muslim overlords.

In short, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Their signature calling card is their ability to control the very powers of darkness and shadow. The realm they draw this from, the Abyss, was just a catch all term for their powers, until they investigated deeper. Now we indeed know it is a realm in and unto itself, and to the consternation of other clans, they can't really go there. Used as neutral meeting ground or other such activities, it's one of the Clan's strongest allies.

Of course, they're not the only denizens there Generally, they're raging assholes who think they know everything, which, again, makes them pretty much mirror-versions of the Ventrue. Think they're born to rule, whereas Ventrue work for it every night. Their clan weakness is also legendary, in that they can't fucking see their own reflection. It extends to everything conceivable - the clothes they wear also disappear in mirrors, they can't be seen by video cameras, they won't show up in developed photographs, they won't even show up as reflections on glass.

They only way they know how they look is to sit down for a portrait every few years or so. That, and they often use ghouls as handmaidens to make sure they're looking lovely. God help any ghoul who doesn't fix said problems, which is weird since they tend to hate ghouls with a passion. So in short, the only way they know they have boogers sticking out of their nose is if they stick a finger in themselves.

It's one of those "seems like a minor nothing weakness until you really stop to think about it" things. Another minor weakness is they take additional damage from sunlight, but if you're facing that , you're kinda fucked anyways. Hilariously, they currently operate out of Mexico City due to its size and sky-darkening pollution.

In ancient times they only embraced those who show enormous promise to operate under pressure, which stays until now, except for gangbangers who go mass embracing like Tyranids. Hawt if you are into that sort of thing, I know I am. Seers and prophets, they have offered their words of counsel to the Camarilla for millennia.

Would be pretty cool, except most of the time, it's random fucking gibberish with a rare insight hidden in sentences. That's because to a vamp, every single Malkavian is incurably insane in one way or another. And this is where the controversy hails from, with the term Fishmalk. The term Fishmalk comes from people who played them as comical lunatics - and there are plenty of people who are tired of this overdone way of playing Clan Drusilla. That's not to say that you can't do Fishmalks right - the wonderful game Bloodlines had an excellent take on the concept, which retained all of the awesome with legitimate inferred comedy though not overt and clownlike , along with wonderfully crafted lulz and spoilers that only make sense on the second playthrough, such as mumbling "Helter Skelter" when you meet a vampire named Skelter without asking his name, scaring the fuck out of him.

As mentioned before, they are the seers and prophets, and that's partly because all Malkavians are connected to a kind of Its partly how they can see the future, the past, plots, and other portents of doom, even if they or anyone else have no idea what the fuck it means. And there's a good reason no one really bothers trying - anything that connects with it gets mind raped, Dark Heresy style.

Certain Kindred believe that the Malkavians are the physical manifestation of Malkav, and by allowing for the creation of as many Malkavians as possible Malkav's mind will be stretched too thin for the Antediluvian to be a threat. Even those poor Malks too insane to be able to care for themselves are sometimes kept alive, if only to try and bring this about turns out that this theory is correct, but in a different way.

During Gehenna Malkav does have a physical form of his own: a dozen little girls with glowing eyes who all speak in unison. This is what their signature discipline Dementation allows them to do to others - they inflict their madness onto a victim, from making them think they are a frog, to making a cop shoot innocent bystanders to cover a getaway because the cop suddenly sees monsters from Doom overrunning the streets.

Do take note that it can be ANY mental flaw. That means any range of sexual psychoses are also fair play. You show those Toreador-loving hambeasts in your group that this is World of Darkness , not Twilight. In an odd bout of things, both the Malkavians and Vampire players speculate that they may actually be getting trolled by their Antediluvian.

There was an event once where all Malkavians in the world lost their ability to use Dementation and instead suddenly acquired Dominate. After it reverted back, Malkavians started calling it The Great Trick. Truly, the MMN is a great thing. The Instant Messenger feature seems to be also a factor more recently, since they will sometimes all across the country drop whatever the fuck they were doing and converge at certain places at the same time.

Don't really have that many subclans, and the Antitribu in the Sabbat are far crazier, often immobilized outside of battle. Well, they for some reason retained Dominate instead of reacquiring Dementation from The Great Trick. Though they can still let their madness affect reality in subtle ways that make you hope to God you're dealing with one of the ones that doesn't have homicidal tendencies.

And if you do They didn't even hide the inspiration for these guys, it's right in the name. The Nosferatu are hideous freakshow vampires. It just doesn't stop. Every Nossie will, shortly after they are Embraced, turn into a fugly mess that is impossible to hide without supernatural aid. Some still manage to look quite nice Mitnick from Bloodlines , some look like they got their face burned off but are otherwise alright Gary Golden, Bertram, also from Bloodlines , and some look like Nurgle gave them an extra long hug Imalia, also from Bloodlines, who calls it the "Texas Chainsaw Mascara look".

One particular Nosferatu has a massive bone beak for a mouth, for example, named Cock Robin. Whispered that it has to do with what your character's worst flaws and beast's worst projection, but who knows? An example is by how most members are chosen because of skills and such for the Embrace, there is another category they like to Embrace, which is vain people who get by in life thanks to their looks alone. Either way, because of this disability, being seen is normally a form of Masquerade breach, though of course, slouching around at night can give some form of protection - with some you'd have to be really close to see what's wrong with them, so don't be scared to have your Nossie do anything above ground!

Just stay away from streetlights or brightly lit clubs, and keep that hoodie on. They spend their time largely lurking in the shadows everywhere because of their condition. Forced to live in the fucking sewers, but actually relatively decent guys. Relatively, of course, because of things like that whole Cleopatra thing. They and the Toreador hate each others' guts generally, the Nossies because the Toreadors are vain, shallow, beautiful pricks. In this, of course, they're right. Even immortals and supernaturals are vulnerable to this, and require detection abilities higher than your Obfuscate level to be able to see you.

Watch out for cameras though. For those poor souls who are bitter and who hate what they've become, there is a temporary reprieve, via a not high level Discipline called The Mask of a Thousand Faces, which lets them deceive people's perceptions into seeing them how they used to look like, and eventually however they want to look like.

As you can imagine, Cleopatras try to learn this skill as soon as possible. Thanks to their dealing in stealth, they have become the big information brokers among the Kindred and even regular people. And boy oh boy is business booming. No matter how much they despise them, vampires at some point know they will have to go to the Nosferatu for that little bit of edge. And the Nosferatu know - are passive at best supporters of the Camarilla, and openly state they are loyal to clan first. This even extends to the Antitribu, who somewhat regularly talk with their loyalist brethren.

As said, clan first. Also, said SchreckNET has another purpose Their Antediluvian, Absimiliard, is a thing the Nosferatu don't like to talk about. He is one of the greatest bastards WoD ever had, and that is saying something. Unlike many of the Antediluvians, who usually consider anything lesser than a Methuselah a light snack, Absimiliard utterly hates his clan, and would like nothing better than to wipe it out. He had some, but only some Childer. Only one, The Matriarch, who is speculated to be Baba Yaga herself, managed to break the blood bond that enslaved her to Absimilard's will, and fled.

And since all Nosferatu who know can trace their lineage back to the Matriarch, what happened to the other Methuselahs of Absimiliard? Welcome to the Big Fear - the thing that keeps Nossies up during torpor. The Nictuku, 4th generation childer of Absimiliard himself, all programmed to kill all non-Nictuku Nosferatu. After Baba Yaga ran for it, and Embraced many people, Absimiliard set his other Childer on a crusade to wipe the errant bloodline out. How far does it go? Those sewers, remember them?

They don't live there only because they're ugly - Nossie sewer fortresses are a great place to build gun turrets, traps, electrical arc pits and anything a 4th generation vampire might die of. The best part? That fear is not baseless at all - Baba Yaga herself, an insanely powerful Methuselah with iron claws among other things, bit the eternal dirt nap in The same Baba Yaga who was able to maintain a power dampening field over all of Russia for decades think, the supernatural Iron Curtain.

So when Nossies are in fear, there is a damn good reason. And if you're another clan, you better be wary too. They are supposed to be mostly asleep, or take the form of innocent children. Seeing one, as with seeing any Elder who is unaccounted for, is regarded as an extremely bad omen. The fact that Baba Yaga is gone, and that more have been sighted, is one more reason people believe Gehenna is coming. They have a mutual respect with the Gangrel, due to the fact that both of the clans are inherently monstrous.

Some legends of the Gangrel and Nosferatu say Absimilard and Ennoia often hunted together. Except unlike Ennoia, Absimilard hates the shit out of his descendants. Mainly independent, took a massive hit in Generally treated with all the respect and gratitude of real life Gypsies. Also their Antedeluvian woke up during the Week of Nightmares , darkened the skies, and sucked Bangladesh dry. The Kuei-jin counterattacked, with a stalemate where three Boddhisatvas clashed with the fucker in the Bangladeshi jungles for a night and a day, eventually threatening to breach the Masquerade and reveal the supernatural to the world.

Ravana's rampage only ended when it was literally nuked, then blasted by the Technocracy using orbital arrays - they bounced super-concentrated solar rays from the still-lit side of the Earth, resulting in its complete incineration and incurable madness throughout the clan. Survivors are rare, and depressed. Drawing upon the tradition of vampires as dark romantic lovers before it was irreversibly contaminated by Twilight, the Toreadors are vampire equivalent of the popular girls at your high school possessed by Anne Rice.

Are massively obsessed with art and beauty, if you ever watched Red Dwarf then The Cat is perfect example of a Toreador, and also they will never let you join them, you nerd. Hate the Nosferatu for being ugly, their members in the Sabbat are serial killers or disgusting artists that would give the Tzimisce a run for their money. Their name means "bullfighter", because they originate from Cretan priestesses that fought bulls.

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Really get a shitload more hate than they probably deserve, though really no more annoying than any other "social" vampire clan. Plus they aren't wishy-washy asshats, and have proven to be useful in combat Crunch , and have spawned several capable warriors. Particularly the Islamic sect called Rayeen-Al-Fen "Patron of Arts" raised a lot of warrior philosophers with high Humanity Clan weakness is the tendency to stop and regard an artwork lost in bliss.

Greatest bastards in V:tM, up there with the Giovanni, Setites, and Tzimsice, although the latter two is undeniably more badass, while Tremere and Giovanni are the hate sink clans. They were once a house of the Order of Hermes from Mage: The Ascension until their leader Tremere decided he wanted to be a vampire after getting his first grey hair because their potions of immortality stopped working.

So, of course, the Tzimsice were fucking pissed , and immediately went to war with the shitty wizards of Tremere. What did the Tremere do? They created Gargoyles, from the flesh and blood of the dead Nosferatu, Gangrel, and Tzimsice. Guess what? They earned two more enemies, and Tzimsice got even more pissed.

Then, the scumbags managed to diablerize Saulot who actually played them, since his intention was to stop the Tzimsice Antediluvian, more on that on Crucible of God section in Gehenna and almost destroyed the Salubri, the token good teammate of all vampires. Tonight, the Salubri Antitribu are butchering the shit out of them for this.

They also put a blood curse on the Assamites, earning yet another enemy. These nights, all those clans want nothing more than the destruction of the Tremere. Vies against the Tzimisce, Lasombra, and Ventrue for most epic Superiority Complex and the numerous experiments they've performed using the listed clans' members over the years. Their main weakness is that they have a social structure that has zero rates of promotion and attempting to leave or do anything without a superior's consent results in you getting the leash tugged tight.

However, the trade-off is access to one of the most feared disciplines, Thaumaturgy. Blood Magic to non-members, it allows them to control blood, their own or others', to powerful and fantastic ends, and eventually use it to cast your usual Hermetic magic from the classic Telekinesis, Conjuring and Fireballs which is really scary to all vampires including the Tremere who uses it to more exotic things. Any reports of torture chambers or usurping captive vampires' powers and doing sick experiments are vile rumors by the soul-sucking Salubri and vile Tzimisce.

Because of this nobody likes the Tremere but they're kept around because of how powerful they are, and the Tzimisce, surviving Salubri and even the Caitiff upon whom the Tremere love to experiment would love to deliver some payback. Surprisingly, Clan Tremere is also notorious for how easy it is to infiltrate. The sheer amount of bloodlines who can pass a blood test with magic, no less! But then it's not without sense as the first Tremere vampires were made with a mixed potion of different clans, so it's not hard to attune to their blood checks. Clan Tremere crashed and burned around Gehenna when Saulot said "Fuck this" and re-possessed Tremere's body, destroying most of the clan's strongholds.

Then the Tzimsice Antediluvian awoke, and turned the survivors into horrifying creatures. Only Etrius, Goratrix sealed in a mirror and Tremere Usurping Goratrix's body when Saulot kicked him out of his own body survived, and later, they joined the dead ranks of their clan. Tremere's end in particular during the Crucible of God is exactly what he deserved. Seriously, assholes deserved it all. Every single one of them suffers from a superiority complex; expect Bond villain or serial killer personalities.

Also, to a greater extent than any other clan, expect lots of Eastern European Old World types obsessed with hospitality and speaking in "vampire vords" - think 'the Count' from Sesame Street, except that he warps Birdie into a fleshy nugget if pissed off or fuses Ernie and Bert together a-la I have No Mouth and I Must Scream.

This is also the clan Dracula belongs to although he's a pretty cool guy for a Tzimisce and doesn't do any of the fleshwarping shit. They have a weird form of going Independent, a subclan called 'Old Tzimisce,' who just do whatever they want in their Eastern European castles, not really giving a shit about Sabbat politics. Etymology points out to an ancient Greek surname, Tzimisces. Rich, Ralph-Lauren wearing asshole vampires.

Think Gordon Gekko from Wall Street, except instead of going to jail like a pussy, Gekko mind-controls the investigators, drains the guys who ratted him out dry, and pins the murders on a drifter. Tend to be the ones in charge in the Camarilla because until the Tremere showed up no one really wanted the job of dealing with the shit that vampires do which breaks the Masquerade, and their mind-control powers and general dickery helps with that. Tend to be very selective with the Embrace, and a Neonate can expect to receive extensive and grueling training before being presented to the Ventrue at large, mainly to make sure that they don't fuck up and make their sire look bad.

Internally they're a mix of Mean Girls meets the most backstabbing of corporate culture: the Ventrue make sure to pick people who'd thrive in such an environment. They used to be nobility in Europe, but now they're merchants. Except their Antitribu, who like to play SCA crusader dress up. The above thirteen Clans were not the initial thirteen Clans that ran around. Through machinations and clever plotting two of them have been wiped out and replaced by another Clan. Necromancers, scholars and all-round bros with genuine concern for humanity and God, Clan Cappadocian preferred to stay away from the other Clans and focus on expanding their knowledge and power.

Vampires of the "I wake from torpor and read for the next hundred years" variety. They expanded their ranks by Embracing known scholars or promising noblemen and -women. This entrenched them firmly into monasteries, universities and courts of Europe. However, they made a fatal mistake when Embracing a family of merchants and ghost summoners called the Giovanni, and it all went downhill from there. No openly Cappadocians survive to this night except ONE incredibly powerful 4th Generation Golconda-seeking lord of Istanbul named Mahatma, mainly because of intense Giovanni effort to make sure this is the case, and probably because in the World of Darkness, being a decent, friendly and harmless vampire scholar gets you killed horribly.

Still, it's a foolish kindred indeed that counts out ancient necromancers. See Samedi and Harbingers of Skull for proof. What are the Salubri? Why don't you see them anymore in the modern nights? Blame the fucking Tremere. Before the Dark Ages the Salubri were highly regarded and cities always had one of them on a council because of how close they were to their Humanity. At the time the Tremere were still very much a new bloodline comprised of high generation vampires and were still very hated because they cheated their way into becoming Cainites.

However, eventually Tremere himself and his closest buddies found out about Diablerie and found the location of Saulot, the Salubri's Antidiluvian. Some went to Africa, and degenerated into true soul suckers. Some joined to Wu Zao, their brethren in the east. Some became wanderers and drifters.

  • Bloodlines (the Anti-Vampire Tale, Book 2).
  • Millennium.
  • Forever and Again?

And so the Salubri passed into legend, until recently Meet the resurrected the first Warrior Caste was around the Bronze Age, extinct fighting Tzimisce and Baali Warrior Caste Salubri, who are the literal opposites of the other Salubri, don't limit their numbers and are badass fighters who will fuck all your shit up, then go out and murder a werewolf for kicks after raping a Tremere chantry and picking their teeth with their bones.

Of course being the opposite means they can't feed from others with consent, but that's not an issue since you know, Sabbat. They HATE the Camarilla because their inacation led to their clans near extinction and they utterly loath the Tremere with a passion as undying as they are. Both regular Salubri and their Sabbat counterparts technically use the same Discipline but depending on the editions you use it's either Valeren or Obeah V20 treats them as separate both deal in controlling pain and injury and depending on which version of the Discipline you're either healing pain or dishing it out in large portions.

As mentioned theirs all sorts of rumors about them, maybe they're the progenitors of the Baali, maybe not, maybe they're extinct, maybe not. People are even claiming Saulot's not dead so who even knows what's going on there, maybe ask the Tremere if you've got a death wish. Through various reasons, there as multiple smaller-scale types of Vampires world-around with their own little tweaks and circumstances that may or may not originate from one of the larger Clans. Typically a Bloodline is a sort of "small clan" whose population can roughly fit in a train cart or two and the general view on whether something is a Clan or a Bloodline generally depends on peer view and usually, if a Clan has an Antediluvian backing it.

For example, the Dark Ages Clan Salubri are now considered a Bloodline while their Clan Status were given to the Tremere after the Tremere's successful Campaign of genocide resulted in every other Clan seeing more use in befriending them over the pacifistic little queers with three eyes and healing magic. And also because the Salubri are likely down below one or two hundred members in the present.

Despite this, they are still considered a Clan by the majority of Vampires for various reasons including that they are not completely gone, nobody is trying to usurp their position, not everybody has gotten the memo that they're endangered, the Ravnos themselves call themselves a Clan and nobody cares enough about status quo-es to give a damn about who calls themselves what.

  1. Bloodlines (the Anti-Vampire Tale, Book 2) - AbeBooks - Lewis Aleman: !
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  4. Have you ever asked yourself "what would happen if a writer for a popular tabletop RPG would watch too many Catwoman movies"? Me neither, but here's the result! In essence, some Gangrel somewhere got the fancy idea to make some manner of ritual to turn herself into a new breed of Vampire and invited her fellow cat fanatics to join in with her fancy idea for an all-female including the "spiritually female" according to V20 Dark Ages group of crazy vampire cat ladies on the margins of Kindred society, which is all the backstory we need.

    Their Discipline, before the revision, was a mixture between Protean and talking to spirits of animals or draining traits from them. Created by a Gangrel Methuselah named Dobrul the Brave, he wandered the world until finding the Mongols. Developing an immense respect for their warriors, he embraced a few and appointed them the spirit warriors of the steppe, watching over the Mongol tribes and protecting them from outward threats which are common in the World of Darkness.

    Their heyday was the time of Kublai Khan, during which they openly appeared in China. However, after the Khan's death the Anda began to decline much like the Mongol hordes themselves, with none known to exist this night. The go-to clan for extreme edginess, Lovecraftian levels of horror and unadulterated, pure evil on the surface, but has hidden depths few can enjoy.

    Somewhere back in the ye good olde days, the happy clans suddenly faced a new threat consisting of an absolutely huge Bloodline of Vampires blatantly worshiping Demons and telling the rest to conform and die, making an enemy with every other Clan in existence, particularly the Assamites and Salubri on a bloody campaign of world conquest. In general they are considered evil in the extreme for appearing to try destroying the world, with their modern retarded counterparts adding to the suspicions. Because of this, even the more blatantly immoral Clans like the Followers of Set, Tzimisce and Ravnos make enemies with them.

    Three survivors emerged, and swore hateful revenge. Ironically this was the start of the rollercoaster of shit ride as the said cultists were doing those atrocities to keep the demons satiated thus keeping the world intact. These assholes, somehow figuring enough of their condition to not walk in sunlight, decided that the best way to spend eternity was to keep worshiping the In general the Baali are thought to have had three Methuselahs 4th Generation Vampires leading them and they were largely turned extinct somewhere after the Dark Ages when Christianity was established enough that anything that didn't have a cross as its holy symbol was put to the torch.

    Their other havens in the Middle East got the shaft by the surge of Islam which managed to annihilate nearly all Baali that remained in the Arabian peninsula when Muslim Assamites shanked every last of the fuckers with a stake and left them in the sun after seeing their horrid practices keeping a pit of rotting corpses tends to be hard when Arab civilization develops sanitation and you can't disguise the smell. In retribution, the Baali summon the Decani, the 36 aspects of Namtaru, an Earthbound demon and curse the Assamites with a thirst for blood. So yeah, the "Children" Baali worship have qualities that somehow allude to both different entities.

    Since we know Baali contacted and harnessed he power of Namtaru, suffering under pure sunlight is a guaranteed Earthborn, we can assume the Baali worship Earthborn demons But then, Black Hand: Guide to the Tal'mahe'Ra suggests the "Children" of the Baali may be the Malfeans, horrid entities dwelling in a phase of deathless Lovecraftian sleep. These beings have physical bodies in self-created tombs in the earth, but their souls and minds exist in the Labyrinth, forever dreaming.

    Most Baali seek to keep the Malfeans' consciousnesses from reuniting with their terrestrial bodies through sacrifices and depravity though some try to wake the entities. If this lore were correct, it would suggest, as the Wraith corebook does, that the Malfeans are indeed physical manifestations of the pain of death itself literally taking on the form of flesh and soul forever severed.

    Also, Malfeans use a "Hive Mind" for their minions, and Baali's oldest even pre-vampirism morality is Path of the Hive which suspiciously sounds similar. As a final argument, Earthbound don't need depravity, they need Faith, channeled, organized religious fervor, so Baali committing horror rituals to keep entities satisfied means the entities they satisfy are Malfeans.

    Except one of the three Baali sects, the Moloch's children called Molochim show some interest of being played without going sick fuck a la extreme. Molochim use the strange moral code called Path of the Hive, avoid killing and endangering mortals without reason, believe Abel to be the original vampire and think of themselves God's shadow on earth committing necessary atrocities to keep Malfeans asleep. Sort of like tragic villains, the True Black Hand and even a few mages actively cooperate with them to keep the BBEG's sleeping in the beyond because once the Malfeans are afoot, all politics would fly out of the window with a shitstorm that would make Gehenna look like a Disneyland story.

    The few modern day Baali usually stay hidden in some isolated coven or infiltrate the Tremere for protection. Some theories suggest that the reason they do what they do, namely pissing everyone off and trying to turn the 3rd millennium into the 41st , is because all the evil deeds keep the "Children" asleep. This is backed by the fact that the Baali symbol is an upside down version of Lucifer Morningstar's personal symbol, but the timeline is a bit vague regarding the issue.

    The Earthbound posed as the gods of ancient Phoenicia and the Baali were said to be their worshippers, so Lucifer's actions must have taken place during the height of the Sumerian empire. In this time Lucifer empored the Baali to be his initial agents, only for the whole thing to fall apart in a millenium or two.

    There's also the chance that this is bullshit because what the Baali have done empowered them more than anything and post in particular there are multiple Earthbound as well as Fallen openly operating left and right after escaping the Abyss; and the Baali have done jack shit to change, if not going worse in edginess. Before the Tremere Antitribu were on the receiving end of a burning man curse some apparently worked with some Tzimisce Kolduns to create the perfect shock troops. Created in groups of 3 to 10 the Blood Brothers are designed to be both powerful in a fight and loyal to their leaders, without much in the brains department.

    As part of this purpose they are given a shared consciousness of sorts to allow them to work better as a unit.

    More Books by Lewis Aleman

    The members are made to look the same via the use of Vicissitude. Their personalities are scrubbed as well in favor of obedience and a penchant for violence: while anyone can be made into a Blood Brother it's easiest to use people who are thuggish to begin with. Because of this Blood Brothers have trouble acting on their own and require the need for a Sabbat master to serve. They do so eagerly to the point of sycophancy, which is useful to some Sabbat but deeply unnverves others. In another creation story Blood Brothers are made from Kine, not Kindred.

    Specifically, the ritual requires 10 children less than 7 years old. These children have to be Ghouled to the same vampire, who too will die during the ritual. The children are pampered and loved by their Domitor while at the same time tortured by the ritualist until their minds are utterly broken and they love their Domitor more than anything. After a three-month period the children are required to watch their Domitor get killed, and have to deliver the killing blow themselves. At this point the ritual reaches its peak, the children die, their minds merged and the combined mind is put into the bodies.

    Most of the children will likely not survive, and those who do are made into a single entity spread over many bodies: a pack of Blood Brothers. Blood Brothers use Potence and Fortitude to excel in combat, but thanks to their acces to Sanguinus they are able to share their minds, heal each other across a distance, donate their limbs to one another to give their kin more arms, legs, eyes and mouths but leaving the temporary donor a limbless potato, can decrease their Generation for a short while to allow the spending of more Vitae and even warp together into a single fleshy monstrosity of great power.

    Aside from their master they have loyalty only to one another: the Blood Brothers become increasingly agitated when apart from one another and hate to see each other as "different" to the point where they want to dress in exactly the same way. As long as they're together they'll find just about any Haven agreeable to live in, and while they aren't prone to scheming or unsanctioned violence they will bring several more mouths to feed to the table.

    Strangely enough there's nothing preventing you from having a really smart Blood Brother. The game doesn't do much with the Blood Brothers: the few pieces of art we've seen of them has the members all looking like a bunch of violent skinheads that are way too touchy-feely with one another. The Blood Brothers are not designed to be player bloodlines for all but the most niche games, but make for excellent tough mooks in a Camarilla, Anarch or even Sabbat game.

    Even then, don't expect to see a lot of them: to use the ultimate power of Sanguinus, the Coagulated Entity, all members have to be at least of 8th Generation, which is not only unlikely it also makes for some powerful eating once the thing goes down. If you really want to pay a combat-focussed character in a Sabbat game take a look at the Brujah or Ventrue or even Salubri antitribu instead, or if you want to go the body horror route play a Tzimisce instead. So somewhere during the Renaissance either a Toreador got the hots a relatively common thing for a fairie or something and disappeared with some of these showing up some time later or a Malkavian fucked a Toreador or something and this was the result.

    Whatever the case, it's a fairly modern all-female Bloodline who's gimmick is singing or fucking with sound such as by making a noise seem to be coming from somewhere else than where it is. Their weakness is that they constantly have music stuck in their heads which makes it hard to focus and increases their difficulty with Perception rolls.

    In a game about personal horror, they probably nail it the best given that it's very possible that they'll have to live centuries with Rebecca Black constantly reminding them of the daily calendar; it's a wonder they're not all mad after their first fifty years of existing. Used to have males, named Sons of Discord, but quietly killed them off and probably munched somewhere after Revised.