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Carbino says that women find shirtless selfies "very unattractive. Men with an outdoors shot collected 19 percent more messages, according to Zoosk. That said, the "no shirtless selfies! Men who let their smiles spread slowly across their faces were judged as more attractive than those who put on a quick grin, research in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior found.

The slow-smiling guys were also rated as more trustworthy, showing that their expressions might be perceived as more genuine. Flashing a grin is also important when putting together an online dating profile. The researchers say it's sort of like the Goldilocks effect: Women like some muscles, but not too many. This is not, however, the case on gay dating apps, where men rated a muscular body as the most attractive quality in men. Women rated men with mild scarring on their faces as more attractive for short-term flings than unblemished guys, a U. Females might see scars as a sign of heightened masculinity, the researchers believe.

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According to a study published in the journal Psychology of Music , women were more than three times as likely to give a guy her phone number when he asked for it while holding a guitar case than when he carried a sports bag. Plus, musical ability might also signal higher intelligence and good genes—two qualities important to women when choosing a partner.

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Flippant phrases also make men seem less intelligent and less trustworthy, the study found. Women rated men who sat with an open body posture—legs spread, arms stretched out—and used hand gestures as hotter than guys who sat with their legs together and arms folded, researchers from the U. Open body language is considered to be a signal of dominance, the researchers say. Simply being in a room with a few vases of flowers can influence the way a woman sees you, research in the journal Social Influence suggests. When flowers were nearby, ladies judged men as sexier and more attractive than they did when the room was empty.

Flowers can signal romance and enhance her mood, the researchers say, which may help her view you more favorably. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The 23 Best Races in America. Is the Deadlift for You? How to Take Down Anxiety, Fast.

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Travel with an entourage. Morsa Images Getty Images. Jamie Garbutt Getty Images. Hero Images Getty Images. Westend61 Getty Images. Colin Anderson Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Goldberg, who also held a law degree, was sentenced to 18 months in prison and disbarred. Back then, he went by Arthur Abba Goldberg, but when he got out, he dropped his middle name, effectively disappearing into the search engine abyss amid thousands of Arthur Goldbergs.

Goldberg says he became interested in gay conversion therapy in the late s, while his son was "struggling with homosexuality. Exodus International , the largest conversion therapy umbrella group, had opened hundreds of what they called "ex-gay" ministries across the U. It crumbled in after many of its foremost figures came out as gay.

Goldberg saw the opportunity to bring those methods to a new market. There were some secular-based organizations, but there was nothing in the Jewish world," he told the court on the second day of the JONAH trial. The acronym originally stood for Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality; the last word has since been switched out for "Healing. Goldberg became the organization's public face. Though his only graduate degree was in law, he referred to himself as "Dr. Goldberg" in emails to clients and their parents, as well as on the promotional website for his book, Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality, and the Power to Change.

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Berk regularly responded to the men, issuing reminders of the ramifications of what she called "the gay deathstyle": AIDS, bowel disease, early death, and, as she put it in one email, "lives based on soul-numbing promiscuity. Berk also offered wide-ranging analysis of what causes people to be gay. Instead, all men are born straight, and "something arrested the normal biologically mandated growth pattern that is built into our genes….

The more SSA activity you have experienced, the more neural pathways, habits you have built up that have to be overcome. Then you begin to build up new neural pathways that help you reach your goal of growing out of SSA," she wrote.

Its success was due, in large part, to the fact that the Jewish communities it catered to believed that gay identity was simply a set of behaviors that could be changed. After all, God would never place an insurmountable obstacle to obeying the laws of the Torah in front of a person. Likewise, Ultra-orthodox Jews see the recent era of gay rights as part of a broad category of secular influences it actively rejects.

So, naturally, Ultra-orthodox Judaism provides a solution: The talmudic concept of teshuvah —turning away from transgression in one's past—which was highlighted in a letter endorsing conversion therapy published online, and signed by 55 rabbis and Arthur Goldberg. The letter was taken offline without explanation this month. He says he had been routinely sexually assaulted by his cousin, Sholom Eichler, as a child. Nearly every day, from the time Levin was 6 until he was 10, Eichler, six years his senior, waited on Levin's aunt and uncle's front porch for him to come home from school.

Levin won a civil suit against Eichler in Later, when a teenaged Levin realized he was attracted to other boys, he thought it must be the direct result of that abuse. It had to come from somewhere , since it was entirely incompatible with his understanding of how to be a good Hasidic Jew. And that led him to believe his homosexuality was simply an obstacle he would have to overcome. He started to talk about the abuse with his parents when he was A year later, Levin began talk therapy with an Orthodox practitioner, who agreed that his attractions must be linked to the abuse.

Like most teenaged men in his community, Levin spent some time studying at yeshivas—Orthodox Jewish seminaries—abroad, first in Israel, and then in Paris. Every two weeks, he'd have a phone session with a therapist back in Brooklyn. His therapist was disgusted, he said, and told him she didn't know how to help him anymore.

Soon after joining JONAH, Levin soon found himself in the woods at a rented church campground in rural Pennsylvania, signing a nondisclosure form and confirming to a counselor that, yes, he'd left his cell phone in the car. He was there for a therapeutic weekend retreat recommended by Goldberg, where he would begin to regain his manhood—a key step in turning from gay to straight. It comes oftentimes from this sense of a deficit in inner sense of masculinity. Wyler began organizing weekend programs in Downing told the court he'd "basically resolved" his feelings toward men after less than a year of therapy, and has been staffing Wyler's weekends ever since.

He also had a hand in crafting their highly detailed scripts that dictated nearly every line of dialogue between staffers, who played various roles on the weekends, which were reminiscent of elaborate stage dramas. When JONAH was on trial, Wyler attempted to exclude information about Journey Beyond on the basis of trade secret law, but the judge shot him down, and unsealed testimony from Jonathan Hoffman—a star witness for JONAH, a "success story" they held up as validation of their methodology.

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In it, Hoffman described a nude "rebirthing" ceremony. The simulated birth is the beginning of a psychodrama-packed weekend spent almost entirely naked. First, attendees of the retreat strip down, and tie on blindfolds. Naked and blind, they are led to mattresses laid out on the floor. Staffers swaddle the men in blankets, tight, to "simulate the womb. Next, the men play out boyhood, with a "crazy, fun father who like bursts into the nursery and says 'Come on, boys, let's have some fun together! The men are lead out of the "nursery" and into a field, where a "wild party" begins. There's a waterslide, fireworks and "brotherly dancing" around a campfire.

The naked men fling mud and throw cake—laid out for just that purpose—at each other. They're all "just expressing their little boyish energy" for about an hour, explained Hoffman, who now lives with his wife and child in Jerusalem, where he works as a conversion therapy life coach. Afterward, everyone showers together. In gay conversion therapy, sexual attraction is never just sexual attraction; there must be some sublimated drive, deficit or trauma to be dealt with.

The core theme is a loose interpretation of the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale, in which Jack played by a staff member is reclaiming his beans—his masculinity. The participants are awarded a satchel of beans to wear around their necks at the end of the weekend. The script dispels any ambiguity early on:. Elder [a second counselor]: The beanstalk is a masculine image, a phallic symbol. In another Journey Into Manhood scenario, participants are blindfolded while facilitators bounce basketballs around them in a crude reenactment of grade school gym class, while shouting scripted epithets such as, "Catch the ball next time or I'll shove it up your ass" and "Hey, guys, let's get that little queer in the shower.

Participants are blindfolded while counselors shout "Don't touch your penis, it's dirty! Toward the end of the weekend, participants are emotionally raw, Levin remembers. That's when cuddling begins. Jack and the Spirit Guide then cradle each other on the floor, and the lights go down. Eventually, all the men are on the floor, staffers cradling participants. Unger remembers staffers whispering "I love you," "you're beautiful," and other affectionate phrases during the cradling—which Downing calls "healthy touch"—as "How Could Anyone" played over and over.

He begins humming the first few bars of "How Could Anyone. We are sitting at the bar at the upscale restaurant in Hell's Kitchen where Unger, now 28, tends bar. Online reviews of the place typically include the phrase "gay friendly. The chatty bartender is barely recognizable in the round-faced year-old in a yarmulke pictured on Unger's driver's license. He's made a point not to change the photo. It's who I was. It's where I came from. It's also good first-date conversation. From age 11 or 12, he had crushes on classmates in his all-boys yeshivas, and then in the all-male rabbinical school in Jerusalem where he spent a year and a half.

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  5. He says he was always "toeing the line" in these places, and figured his attraction to boys would pass. It had to be a phase—no one in his Orthodox Jewish world was gay. But in a community where nearly all contact with the opposite sex is forbidden and teenage hormones raged, it was not uncommon for young men to get a little too close, to slap each other on the butt, to cuddle. He was popular and athletic. No one knew. But by 18, when he was in rabbinical school in Jerusalem, he began to worry that "it" wasn't going away.

    He thought about his return home to Borough Park, Brooklyn, where men are matched up to marriageable women immediately after their stints in Israel. Unger knew he'd soon be fielding "resumes" of eligible women from family and friends, each woman's photograph pinned to the top-right corner.

    The stress derailed his studies. On a trip home for Passover, he finally told his parents about his attraction to men. It went better than he expected. They were "extremely loving," but just as confused as he was about how to proceed. One rabbi said it might be a chemical imbalance, and that Unger should seek medical attention. Another was sure Unger would live a happy enough life if he just found a wife who could cook really well. Eventually, Unger's father gave him the number for "Rabbi Arthur Goldberg. Two to four years, Goldberg told Unger over the phone.

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    That's how long it would take for JONAH's program to turn him from gay to straight, if he just put in the work. And paid the money. Goldberg—who is not ordained as a rabbi—was reassuring, authoritative, confident. The therapy was scientifically proven, he said, and he'd seen it work hundreds of times.